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Starting a new business and need some custom labels? Have a birthday party and need some matching theme stickers? Or just a simple car sticker?

Choose between our regular and premium quality of stickers in the shape of your choice. We also offer group discounts. Ideal for restaurants, water bottles, food packaging, birthday parties, fundraisers, events, and more…

Product details

Regular Stickers:

SMALL (0-6 inches)MEDIUM (7-15 inches)LARGE (16-40 inches)
1 TO 49/$10 each1 TO 25/$17 each1 TO 25/$30 each
50/$4.94 each50/$8.60 each50/$15.18 each
100/$2.62 each100/$4.56 each100/$8.05 each
150/$2.02 each150/$3.51 each150/$6.20 each
200/$1.62 each200/$2.81 each200/$4.97 each
250/$ 1.42 each250/$2.46 each250/$4.35 each
300/$1.22 each300/$2.11 each300/$3.74 each
350/$1.12 each350/$1.92 each350/$3.74 each
400/$ 1.02 each400/$1.73 each400/$3.74 each
450/$ $0.92 each450/$1.56 each450/$3.74 each
500/$0.92 each500/$1.56 each500/$3.74 each

Premium Stickers:

SMALL (0-6 INCHES)MEDIUM (7-15 inches)LARGE (16-40 inches)
1 TO 49/$17 each1 TO 25/$25 each1 TO 25/$40 each
50/$8.60 each50/$12.65 each50/$20.25 each
100/$4.56 each100/$6.7 each100/$10.73 each
150/$3.51 each150/$5.16 each150/$10.73 each
200/$2.82 each200/$4.14 each200/$10.73 each
250/$ 2.47 each250/$3.63 each250/$10.73 each
300/$2.12 each300/$3.12 each300/$10.73 each
350/$1.93 each350/$2.84 each350/$10.73 each
400/$ 1.74 each400/$2.56 each400/$10.73 each
450/$ 1.57 each450/$2.31 each450/$10.73 each
500/$1.57 each500/$2.31500/$10.73 each
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More choices, more fun

We have 3 printing methods to choose from


This method of printing is commonly used for simple logos and writing.


If you are looking to add another level of sophistication to your business, organization, or school, embroidery is the way to go!


This is the method where anything is possible. No matter how detailed or colorful your artwork may be, silk screen is the way to go.


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  1. Frederick Dupuis Verified Buyer

    Super easy to order and customize!

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  • How do you determine pricing?

    We determine the pricing based on the cost of the specific product, the printing method, and the number of shirts required for your order. Everything is calculated automatically through the site.

  • Do you have a sizing chart for the items?

    Yes, each piece of apparel has a size chart. You can find the chart on the respective product page.

  • What happens if my artwork or garments are sized larger or smaller than expected?

    Garments are sized by suppliers. Size charts are available on the product page. Please note that individual garments may vary from the size charts. We are not able to process refunds for garments that do not fit based on expectations.
    Artwork size and positioning cannot be guaranteed. We attempt to use artwork sized as supplied, however, we may reconfigure artwork to fit within our production parameters.

  • Do you offer sleeve printing?

    Yes, on almost all items. Our customization tool will show what products can have printed sleeves, and which not.