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If you can dream it, we can print it.

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We are a proud Canadian company specializing in custom printing.

We started out several years ago, focusing mainly on printing t-shirts. Today, we specialize in customizing on everything printable, and we mean EVERYTHING.

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Choose from tons of colour’s and styles, use our online customization app, and let your imagination run wild.

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You clear the check-out and ta-dah! Before you know it, your custom apparel arrives right at your door.

Build confidence

We’re simplifying every aspect of creating marketing products, so that you can quickly get your desired result.

Our Design editor

We like to make people happy

White Oaks Mall

First time using this company and had two shirts made. They were able to trim around the one photo (that would have been a giant white background otherwise) and suggest the best colour shirt to have it on. Both turned out really good (brought images on a flashdrive), and the price less than we thought (basically like buying concert shirts, which while expensive is what this sort of thing costs unless you start ordering in bulk for a business).

Cours Mont-Royal

Marie-Anne was so helpful with all the options and colors….would definitely recommend this place if you want unique tshirts designs. A must for your tshirt game

Galeries d’Anjou

The best christina good service and super nice

Cambridge Centre

Jamie did a great job customizing my t-shirt while I waited. The store was busy but he was a master of multi-tasking!

Cours Mont-Royal

Marie-Anne is very nice and gave me amazing customer service . I feel much appreciated. I totally recommend this place for your nice events and memories.

Cavendish Mall

Great experience getting some custom shirts for my daughter. They also have a great selection of items on the rack. Great place to come to for custom shirts. Cesar is the man!!

Fairview Pointe Claire

Staff is super polite and chill Help you and accommodate your needs The prices are not outrageous like other places definitely recommend

Bramalea City Centre

Chris Helped me out to print a sweater, i came in with a design but with his expertise he knew the design wouldn’t look too nice on the sweater. he helped me out fix another design and i loved it more than the original. Hats off to Chris.

Square One

Hector is the 🐐. He helped me with my custom design, making sure that I was satisfied with the colour matching on the shirt. I am SUPER happy with the results and Hector’s customer service.Hector and Ryan, thank you so much for your help ✨🥲

Carrefour Laval

David. David. David. David. David. David. David. David times Infiniti.We laughed we cried and in the end the final product was beyond perfect!Merci merci. We will be back for sure!!!

What makes us different

We are not exclusively online

We have physical shops around Canada
where you can come and visit us.

We accept bulk orders

Take advantage of our bulk order discounts when ordering 12 pieces and up.

School uniforms and teams

We offer professional embroidered uniforms for your students.

We also do paper printing

Whether you need stickers, banners and posters, we can cover that for you too.


Get more for less with bulk orders

Save up to 55% of your cart total when bulk ordering. You can order variations of the same base item, and you’ll get the bulk discount even if each item looks different.

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Bulk price calculator

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