Custom Hats

Get the best hats, caps, and customized headwear in Montreal and the surrounding areas.

A hat is the ultimate fashion statement for everyone; it can be bold, classic, or extravagant. Hats can make or break an outfit, which is why T-Shirt Time holds only the best hats for men and women. We offer a wide variety of shades and sizes you can choose from, and you can create your own custom hats in Ontario by bringing in one of your favourite designs or using one of the many stylish prints we offer.

We are one of the top custom apparel agencies in Central Canada, providing the best headwear in Toronto, Montreal, and anywhere in between. From our sunny summers to our harsh, cold winters, our heads need to be safe from bad weather, and you should sacrifice style and quality for a good feel.

So if you wish to add a touch of customization to your hats and you’re looking to do it at a reasonable price, then contact us and let us prove to you that our custom hat printing services can add a little spark.

Custom hats for men 

Our custom hats at T-Shirt Time have pre-curved brims so that they fit your face when you need them to do so. Our hats’ adjustable strap allows the wearer to make the hat fit perfectly. Our custom hats are stylish accessories that both men and women can wear in any informal situation.

T-shirt Time offers hats that people of all ages use. They are not just meant for men alone! When worn with athletic or streetwear, they appear fashionable. Unlike most caps, you can wear custom hats for men during all seasons.

Although they are more fashionable in the summer, it is okay to put them on in other seasons. It is because they are designed for more than just summertime sun protection. Below are the hats in our custom hat collection.

  • Adult adjustable dad hat
  • Adult adjustable cotton hats
  • Form mesh trucker hat
  • Adult dominator hat
  • Adult cuffed hat

Custom hats for women

Our hats for women are great pieces for commemorating an event, representing a company, team building activities, and more. They’re great pieces of headwear that every woman can wear and make a regular part of their wardrobe. If you’re unsure of what; customized hats near me are suitable, check out details on every hat style we have at T-Shirt Time. We also have customized hats with logos that our clients can view online.

Customized hats with logo

At T-Shirt Time, we make custom-designed hats for our clients who want business logos, team badges, and other messages on their caps. We create hats with your logo for your team, friends, and family. We offer our custom hats without restrictions on orders, which makes them ideal for gifting.

Tshirt time offers embroidery of the highest caliber, produced using top-notch equipment. We make it simple for you to express yourself through a product that is specially created for you. Embroidery is a fantastic technique for stunning and long-lasting designs, whether you’re looking for an introductory phrase or a logotype.

Custom hats are popular in the fashion world because of their flexibility. You can use our caps for various purposes, and that’s why most people love them. Every hat enthusiast ought to have several designs of custom hats.

In the past, they were worn mainly by elderly male adults, but those times are long past. Young children, pre-teens, and older people can wear these fashion accessories nowadays. They are no longer just for males; they make the ideal accessory for both sexes. You can get our custom hats online on our website and place your order. Our staff at T-Shirt Time will be ready to assist you with your selection.